2017 is going to be ‘My-Year’ for you

Features Image by: @raj_at_

Let us rename this new-year ‘2017’ to ‘My-Year’. We are not going to start our new year with good habits. We are going to walk into the new year with good habits and unbreakable resolutions. Whereas most of the people look forward to a new year for a new start on old habits, we are going to change this misconception forever, how? Good question. Because we are highly motivated towards accomplishing our goals, being stronger every day and getting better at every task. Wish good for this new year, I believe that wishes come true. I believe that everything is created twice, once when we think of it and second when we implement it, so think about the tasks, thoughts become things. Wish.

1. Be highly motivated

You won’t sit there in front of your fat TV and watch shows, or sit in front of a bone fire, or party hard on this magical night. You are going to exercise, exercise in your mind. I know we may not be the fittest person alive on the face of mother earth, but in this year, we are going to turn this upside down, we are going to work out so harder that our body will beg us for some rest. Rehearse these things in your mind, so that, you could actually perform them. This is it, we are going to win, no matter what!

2. Self-talk

This is something important yet underrated. Self-talk helps us in preparing, virtually participating and realizing events even before they took place. Constant motivation is an ingredient for success, so, motivate yourself by self-talk. People are becoming more aware that a positive self-talk is a powerful tool for increasing your self-confidence and curbing negative emotions. People who can master positive self-talk are thought to be more confident, motivated, and productive.

3. Detach

Emotional attachments are good for us, they are part of us being human. But, you got to detach for achieving your dreams. Too many attachments with objects, people and thoughts are not good for the health of your dreams. Let go the extra burden of your thoughts and the useless relations and the useless objects around you. You would definitely feel lighter and ready to fly high.

4. Live, Laugh, Love, and Leave

Nothing is permanent in our life and even our lives are not permanent. We live and experience every day, we laugh, we do our job and we love people but anyway the day is going to end and we move on leaving behind everything that happened. Give it a thought, there is no point in holding back to the anything that makes you feel low and miserable. Leave it behind and move on towards your aim.

5. Never settle

This is it, in this new year I won’t settle for easy resolutions and/or broken resolutions on 2nd of January. This is ‘my-year’. We won’t take no for an answer. Always know the difference between what you are getting and what you deserve. In this ‘My-Year’, never settle for anything less than Awesome.