Best Places to Visit in Mandu (M.p.) for Photography

Let’s wander where wi-fi is weak.

Inside of Hindola Mahal

Are you planning for a to do Photography?

There is a place called Mandu near Indore (M.P.) located in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.

This place is a paradise for photographers and for the people who love heritage sites and architecture.

The best season to visit Mandu is the end of rainy season, when all the waterfalls are running and the valleys are going greener. You’d find many waterfalls and lakes in this town.

A special type of tamarind (fruit) is found here and a large number of tamarind trees are around, don’t forget to buy some.

Although, a day is enough to visit all the places in Mandu, but you can stay for more days if you wish to. Good hotel rooms are available to stay in comfort.

Here is the list of places that you must visit:

Jahaj Mahal:

This place is the main attraction and the most popular place in Mandu. For photography purpose, it’d be better to go in the morning. This palace is the biggest of all the other palaces here and is surrounded by the lake from all sides. Spend enough time here and don’t leave any place unseen. There’s also a museum inside. A minimal entry fee is charged here. The place is accessible for handicapped people too, facility of a wheelchair is provided. No other place in Mandu is accessible for handicapped people except this Jahaj Mahal.

Jami Masjid

This place is really huge, the gates, height of the dome and pillars, everything. A sense of peace resides here. Beautiful place for photography. A minimal entry fee is charged here. 1 to 2 hours is enough to see everything in Jami Masjid.

Rani Roopmati Mahal

Another attraction in Mandu, Rani Roopmati Mahal. Rani Roopmati was one of the most beautiful queens in the Indian History. The place is situated at a height, so, you’d require to walk a short road and climb a few stairs to reach the top. Again, beautiful place for photo shoot and photography. A minimal entry fee is charged here.

Baaz Bahadur Mahal

A small, yet, beautiful architecture of this palace is really eye catching. No entry fee. This place is peaceful, and you’d want to spend some time here to relax.

Kakad Kho

It’s a deep valley, I guess sunrise would look great from here. This won’t take much of your time to see and click photographs. But, the view is mesmerizing and photogenic.

Few other good places

Neel Kanth Mahadev, Echo point, sunset point etc. are some other really good places to visit if you have time. There are so many small and old structures in between places, where you can stop by for photography, photo shoots or just for fun.

Tip 1:

You do not need to hire a guide here. It’d be better to buy a book related to the Mandu city, which is easily available in the markets there and read it later sometime after the trip.

Tip 2:

Don’t visit this place in summers, it’s too hot there. You may visit in winters; the scenic beauty is at its peak only in rainy days. But, don’t visit during the days of heavy rainfall.

Let’s wander where wi-fi is weak.

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