Easiest way to Stream or Download Music — anyaudio.in

Have you ever faced difficult in finding the audio version of your favorite song on Youtube?

If you spend even 2–3 minutes looking for free music download websites then here is the solution. Now, there exists a website where you can search your desired music and stream it online or download for free in a single click. The USP of this website is that it’s an ad-free (non-commercial) website and their primary focus is profound to enhance the user’s music listening and downloading experience.

The key features of the anyaudio.in are listed below:

Beautiful User Interface


Search bar and Suggestions:

There are two sections on the website, one ‘Explore’ and the other is ‘Popular/Recommended’.

If you know what you want to listen to, simply type in the song name in search bar and or you can scroll down to popular/recommended section to find the trending music.

Stream Online:

Once you get a list or tabs of suggestion and your expected music name on the board, there’s a play button.


One Click Download:

From the search results or trending section, songs can be easily downloaded by clicking on the download button that appears as an overlay of album/song icon.

Make sure the pop-ups are not blocked on your browser, allow pop-ups if it is blocked otherwise the song will not start downloading.

Android Application:

The android application for the same will be available soon on the internet for public use.


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