Find an alternative for firecrackers

The aim of this article is to create awareness about ill effects of firecrackers and limit or end there use. We request you to comment your opinion and find an alternative way to enjoy and celebrate this great festival of lights.

Diwali, as we all know is a festival of colorful firecrackers and delicious sweets. There is no point in such celebrations which damages our environment and lives.

Burning crackers produces CO2 and other gases causing heating of earth’s surface resulting in death of insects and fungus. But these days we are overusing them for our own enjoying contributing a lot to environmental pollution.

It brings no good to the society. Follow the link below to what happened in firecrackers factory in Shivakashi.

Major fire at Sivakasi firecracker factory:

Fire at shivakashi crackers factory

Let us look into composition or chemicals which are used in firecrackers.

Carbon: Used in black powder as a propellant.

Oxygen: Used as oxidizer to produce oxygen.

Chlorine: Used as a chief component in oxidizer like chlorates.

Phosphorous: It burns spontaneously in the air.

Above are key elements in the fireworks.

Apart from these, we got:

Aluminum: To provide silver and white colored flames.

Antimony: For firework glittering effects.

Barium: To produce green colored lights

Calcium: Deepen fireworks.

These crackers creates tons of hazards and solid waste:

firecrackers garbage


Every year we produce 1450 tons of fireworks, 1000 tons of tubes, structural parts like packing of plastic etc, 360 tons pyrotechnic components, 240 tons of black powder and 120 tons of chemicals to produce crackers.

Ill effects on environment:

  • Depletes ozone layer. Also causes air, water, noise, and soil pollution.
  • Measure of noise goes beyond 125 dB (Decimal Unit).
  • Large amount of non-degradable dry waste is generated in Diwali festival
  • Bad effects on lungs, insomnia, heart, asthma and bronchitis
  • Mortality and morbidity rate increased in Diwali period because of SPM, RSPM and other harmful gases.
  • Temporary deafness, permanent eardrum rupture, trichina hyper tension.

The level of air pollution gets extremely high during Diwali and it suffocates cities:

Delhi Diwali

Firecrackers are even worse for patients, children and animals. It must be stopped:


Alternate ways to celebrate Diwali:

We should think twice before buying fireworks in Diwali. Is this the only way to celebrate Diwali? Instead spending too much on fireworks and considering effects of fireworks on health and environment we can buy gifts, books, gadgets or cloths which are no or less harmful for nature. We can donate books or clothes to poor students. Can also conduct various competitions on environmental awareness Pollution free firecrackers available but they are very costly and can’t fulfill the demand. In U.S. after studying effects of it on human health they have shifted to laser shows instead of using traditional firecrackers.

Do read following articles to see the alternatives to firecrackers suggested

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You protect Environment, it protects you.

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