I Hate Cliche (Bollywood) Love Songs

Who wrote that sh*t?


Everyone who has ever fallen for someone happens to know a couple of things about love. If these people go on to write songs and poems, no doubt they will write about love. That’s what writers advise to the budding wordsmiths — write what you know. And they shit all over the pages hoping that people will relate with their emotions. And people do. Because apparently there are millions who happen to know a thing or … about love.

What is so irritating is not that their words cover a fraction of it, but the fact that they would never be able to cover more, never ever.

For the context, picture yourself travelling in a bus crossing the tier-5 Indian cities. The bus vibrates like a washing machine dryer at intervals. It leaves a cloud of sand behind it as it moves on the so-called roads. Whenever the bus stops, you can taste the sand and smell the vomit on the window sides. I call these buses vomit machines. But I’m habitual of travelling in them.

Don’t miss the point imagining the dirty bus — listen to what they are playing on the cassette carefully. It could be dilbar-dilbar or tu premi aha …

The writers of those songs should be jailed. They should be punished to write everything they know about songs and love and the budding wordsmiths should be refrained from using any of those lines.

Whenever my ears sniff such Bollywood music playing at a distance, I suffer, a physical pain in my chest and it feels like my ears will bleed. But I gotta learn to co-exist with bad art. And I guess there are many who are learning to co-exist with bad art.