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We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. — Anaïs Nin

Welcome to Xreach,

I started Xreach in 2016, to share my projects, convey thoughts, and I also invited some guest blogs from friends.

Back then, the things I did to start a blog are — purchase a domain, set up a free tier instance on AWS, and host a WordPress website.

Within six months the website attracted 60 thousand+ visits and was doing pretty good.

But, in mid-2017 I got busy and distracted. Didn’t even pay the AWS Bills and the instance got shut down.

To give it a fresh start, I discontinued the original and switched it to this medium publication.

This publication is my another attempt to a resourceful, interesting, and engaging blog.

This new Xreach is completely revamped in terms of idea, purpose, and design.

The purpose is clear: Share thoughts, stories, and ideas. Stories almost like shower thoughts that make you jump out of the shower. If you have any? Get in touch.

Call To Action

Interested in publishing your work on Xreach,

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Thank you 🙂