Love at First Sight: The Lie That Sells

Written By Aashish Yadavally.

“Walking down the road, passing a score of shops and hordes of self-involved people, he suddenly came to a halt.
His heart started racing as his eyes set sight on this beautiful person. It felt like he took a hit of marijuana, wherein everything around him started fading out, the people, the noise, and all his focus slowly but steadily shifted towards her.
He could see all the things happening around her with distinction, like she rolling her red-painted finger nails through her curly hair; moving her head across while talking to the person sitting next to her and all along, catching a glimpse of her surroundings.
The microseconds that their eyes met felt like a much longer time during which he could sense his mind accelerating with various thoughts as to how he could approach her. Because, of all the things, there was one thing that he was now sure about, he had to go talk to her. He knew that she was the kind of a person he had always dreamed about.
He knew, he was in love with her!”

Well, this is the essence of most cliche’ love stories we so often come across.

We hear stories about a person falling in love with another person at first sight, that it makes me wonder, is it so easy?

Is it so easy to look at a person and decide that it is him/her that you would want to spend the rest of your life with? That brings everything down to an even more fundamental question, what is love?

People have different versions of what they can do for the person they are in “Love” with and each of those have gone on to make great romantic episodes.

We have come across instances where couples gave their lives up because they realized it wasn’t worth living if not in each other’s embrace. Then, there are those love stories where one person gives up their love for the other person upon realizing that the latter will be happier that way.

Well, these are just a few of the many examples that man has penned down/come up with over the years.

I believe love is a strong bond that you develop for another person that makes you wholeheartedly willing to go to any lengths to make the other person happy, and to make your bond even stronger.

Love is the measure of that unconditional willingness you attain, irrespective of the situation that it might land you in.

Is it so easy then, to feel so strongly for a person in a moment’s time?

I have to say, NO.

You might get attracted to a person at first sight, but to fall in love, it takes a lot more.

Those intimate talks, candid discussions, cherished memories, all lead to a phase in a relationship where you realize you know the other person well enough to understand what a person’s reaction would be to any situation that life might throw at them.

You would be willing to go against your own taste to make things fancier for the other person.

You would be deriving more pleasure from the happiness you would be creating than even once thinking about the slightest of your distaste towards your course of actions.

The other person would genuinely understand the effort you would be putting in to make him/her happy, going against your own taste, and try to make the whole situation much better for you.

This is not something which can be achieved over a moment of physical attraction.

This two-sided willingness to make each other happy, each living instant, is what Love is about, which definitely cannot be achieved over a moment’s physical attraction.

— By Aashish Yadavally

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