The Dailiness is the Art

I wanted to document this moment for so long. Just as Matthew documented Jesus (read- as Darwin documented the ‘Theory of Natural Selection’).

Source: Instagram/rajatdangi_

What’s so special about this moment is that it is not so special, I learned this from a book. But, what makes it special is its dailiness. Dailiness in the art keeps it fresh.

What we call art is longingness for Deja vu. The corrupt elements which swept into our dailiness keep us away from the dailiness which we had in the childhood. When we see that in a book or a movie or a play or a picture, we crave for that old-nostalgic dailiness. 20’s is the childhood I’m referring to.

At this moment, the dailiness is so subtle, that the majority of you who will read this today is still asleep. The earth completes another modified merry-go-round at 5:24 AM in Gurgaon. It goes up and down, and up back gain. Daily.

A conclusion would have tasted justifying for this abrupt end. But there is no dailiness in conclusions. It would be an irony to conclude a write-up on dailiness.