Announcement of Name Change from XREATORS PTE. LTD. to GRAFOLIO PTE. LTD.

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2 min readMar 23


We have some exciting news to share regarding our efforts to rebrand XREATORS!

GRAFOLIO( is a leading artist community service operated by Naver, the top search engine and portal service in Korea. It is a creative content community where creators from both domestic and international markets can discover, share, and sell their works.

Currently, GRAFOLIO has over 110K artists, 13M members, and 1.7M works. Our content provider and copyright content market, OGQ, has completed its acquisition of GRAFOLIO from Naver.

XREATORS has signed a contract with OGQ, our NFT content partner, for the brand usage rights, joint operation, and artist content usage rights related to GRAFOLIO.

As a result, XREATORS PTE will be rebranded as GRAFOLIO PTE.

Previously: XREATORS PTE. LTD.
Changed to: GRAFOLIO PTE. LTD.

XREATORS aims to directly connect creators and fans, helping artists immerse themselves in their creative process by issuing and selling their works as NFTs.

Fans can also generate profits not only by reselling NFT works but also by licensing sales and IP goods sales during the ownership period. They can participate in direct messaging and voting to select representative works, fostering interaction between creators and fans.

Rebranding our platform as GRAFOLIO will firstly, link the aforementioned 110K artists, 13M members, and 1.7M works to the NFT market. Secondly, it will contribute to the activation of XREATORS ORT, and thirdly, it will foster an environment for better creations by promoting interaction between creators and fans.

Under the new name, GRAFOLIO, XREATORS will continue its efforts to become the global leader in the art and media content NFT market.


Corporate name change to GRAFOLIO PTE. LTD. is the first step in our rebranding process. The service name and token ticker of XREATORS NFT Marketplace will remain the same until further notice.




XREATORS provide solutions to unfair commercial practices such as intellectual property infringement and unfair distribution of profit.