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XREATORS Marketplace pre-registration page Announcement (6/3)

We are NFT Marketplace ‘XREATORS’.

We Multiply (X) the value of the CREATORS who creates digital contents.

On June 3rd, XREATORS NFT Marketplace pre-registration page is open 👏

The pre-registration page released this time is for potential members who will become active members of the Creators Marketplace in the future.

Marketplace(pre-registration ver.) main

To pre-register for XREATORS..

  1. After logging into the Metamask wallet
  2. You can complete this by entering simple information through the ‘Become a XREATOR’ process.
Become a XREATOR

Pre-registration is possible not only for creators planning NFT minting but also for those who want to trade and own their works while communicating with various creators and NFT projects. And members who have completed pre-registration are given the role of XREATORS in Discord and can enter exclusive channels.

✅ We are preparing a variety of XREATORS role-only events, including 🎉xreator-giveaway, so please participate.

✅ Go to pre-registration page: https://www.xreators.com/

🔗 XREATORS : https://xreators.com
🔗 Discord :
🔗 Telegram :
🔗 Twitter :



XREATORS presents NFT Marketplace for the creators. It allows you to meet creators in a special way by using a Non-Fungible Token technology. Creators’ digital content is freely and securely traded with consumers by preventing forgery and piracy with XREATORS’ unique technology.

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XREATORS provide solutions to unfair commercial practices such as intellectual property infringement and unfair distribution of profit.