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Get answers to most common questions regarding our program

1. How do I participate in the program? Do I have to register somewhere?

To enroll in the program no specific actions need to be taken by the investors. No registration is required. An automatic snapshot of the individual balances will take place at the beginning and the end of every 3-month cycle (note that the closing snapshot for one cycle is also the opening snapshot for another cycle). All you have to do is to hold XRC in your own wallet between snapshots without any negative movements.

2. If I buy XRC today and hold it I will get dividends exactly in 3 months, right?

Well, not exactly. Program cycles have its own schedule. Usually it coincides with calendar quarters. …

Electrum Rhodium is a lightweight and secure XRC wallet for Windows, Linux and MacOS. It provides a great control of your funds and is easy to use. Follow the step-by-step installation guide and start using one of the best the wallets for Bitcoin Rhodium.

  1. Download and extract the latest release at
  2. Give your new wallet a name and click “Next”.
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3. Choose “Standard wallet (R-prefixed addresses)” and click “Next”.

The guide will be useful for those who lost access to their web wallet due to 2FA problems or other inabilities to log in and still have seed phrase and transaction password.

  1. Download and extract the latest release at
  2. Give your new wallet a name and click “Next”.
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3. Choose “Restore From Web Wallet” and click “Next”.

For those that have been keeping their XRC in Strong Hands program addresses, but have been waiting for the grace period to move coins to a Trezor, this short tutorial should help.

The process below is similar to this page: and this: (this post can be slightly be out-of-date) There are specifics for each platform that you should have already setup when you setup your Trezor wallet for the first time.

This is going to describe setting up an Electrum-XRC wallet file linked to your Trezor. …

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With the year coming to the end, we would like to share the most important results of 2019.


The main result of 2019 for us was that we achieved full stability and decentralization of the network. Our team worked in the non-stop mode in order to build and optimize the whole system for further growth. We started the year with only one official mining pool hosting 100% of the mining power. Shortly after source code was released new mining pools opened XRC pools on their site. And now our official pool accounts less than 5% of all mined blocks.

Up to date information about all existing XRC pools can be found at

Honest and Simple Dividends Program

In a year we successfully…

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On December 1, XRC celebrated it’s second anniversary since launch in 2017. Also few weeks earlier team presented updated roadmap. That’s why we decided to host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Friday, December 1 on our subeddit so team could answer follow up questions related to those two events.

Here is the transcript of the XRC Ask Me Anything.

Q: The SH reward was doubled for 4Q19. Will the doubling be made permanent? That is, will the program be reduced from 8 years to 4 years? This would coincide with the anticipated halving date.

henry: You will see soon. Christmas time is coming 😉

Q: Can you explain the…

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Dear XRC community, today we would like to unveil our new logo style.

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October 2019

Hello, XRC community! We have decided to switch to monthly format for reports. So here’s everything that happened to XRC in October.

1. Strong Hands Program

Another SHP snapshot happened on October 1, closing previous cycle of our dividends program and at the same time bringing the start of the next one. Rewards for previous cycle were paid on October 12.

Here’s the report from the 3rd Strong Hands Program cycle:

We would like to remind you that current SHP cycle will last till January 1, 2020 and will have doubled dividends paid to holders. 16,072 XRC (≈$150,000) will be distributed in January.

2. New mining pool


What is xRhodium?

xRhodium is a decentralized store-of-value cryptocurrency with a strong appeal for investors looking for a long-term investment in crypto securities.

Is this a token?

NO. xRhodium is not a token and uses its own unique blockchain.

Is it an open-source project?

YES. It is programmed in C# language and source code can be found here on GitLab.

When was it launched?

Mainnet launched on October 20, 2018, but the project started on December 1, 2017

Why did you decide to create xRhodium?

Our passion is to develop a cryptocurrency that is primarily held by investors for the long-term. We want XRC to be a niche savings account accepted by many, because of both its scarcity, but also because of…

This won’t be a very long piece — I am not much of a writer unless it’s code of course.

It’s hard to see a coin’s development from the outside as a lot tends to go on behind closed doors and it’s easy to assume no development is happening. But being the newest addition to the dev team allowed me to peek behind the curtains and view all the hard work everyone of us puts into Bitcoin Rhodium and we truly have an amazing team.

So what am I doing? Well, I’m glad you asked. I have already pushed several…


The native coin of FreeMarketOne platform — Tor-based, peer-to-peer marketplace

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