Introducing Enhanced LP Rewards for Early xSigma Adopters

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2 min readDec 3, 2020

xSigma was conceived as a community project whose success will hinge upon the support of its token-holders and liquidity providers (LPs). For that reason, we’ve put considerable thought into creating a rewards system that is fair to all participants, but which provides additional incentives to those who are first to utilize the advanced stablecoin DEX we’ve created. If you’re reading these words, that means you.

We’d like to welcome you to become a liquidity provider on xSigma, and we’ve got a sweet offer to seal the deal. As if the prospect of being the first to trial xSigma’s game-changing tech, which has the potential to shake up the DEX market, wasn’t enough, there are some tangible token rewards to be had.

Twice the Rewards, Twice the Fun

Become an early LP on xSigma and rewards you can expect to earn will be multiplied within the first two weeks of the protocol’s launch. Specifically:

  • Liquidity providers get 2x rewards during the first 4 weeks;
  • Liquidity providers get 1.5x rewards during the next 4 weeks.

*One week is considered as 40,320 Ethereum blocks.

And that’s just for starters. Once we’ve gotten the ball rolling and the liquidity flowing, we’ll keep the rewards coming, using a scalable system that will incentivize ongoing LP’ing. When the first fortnight is up, xSigma will continue to disburse token rewards in line with the issuance schedule we previously published.

In total, 60% of all SIG will be allocated to liquidity providers (leaving 30% to research and development, and 10% to the growth fund). Future token issuance will be controlled by the xSigma DAO, ensuring that SIG tokens are used to optimize and expand the ecosystem.

At first, though, the supply of SIG tokens will be low, and with LP’ing the only way to get your hands on them, this is your opportunity to claim a piece of the pie while doing your bit to support decentralized token trades. Because SIG tokens will be awarded proportionately to liquidity share, the more liquidity you supply, the greater your rewards.

So there you have it: the case for why you should get in on the ground floor and bootstrap xSigma by becoming an early liquidity provider. We’re confident that xSigma will change the way AMM fees are earned and liquidity is supplied, but we can’t do it alone.

Join us from launch and together we can create a fairer, more profitable way of swapping crypto assets that works to the benefit of all participants — starting with you.


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