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Introducing the Xtellar App

Many people are looking out for “coolness” in that new mobile app. “How cool is it?” they ask.

We could say it’s quite hard to satisfy every customer you have and those you land into your community along the way. But, the Xtellar App definitely should be one of a kind when it comes to most e-commerce platforms you have seen on the market both in Uganda and across the globe.

This is an app that’s been built for businesses to sell without a shiver and customers to buy without lifting a foot. The Xtellar beauty is our fastest delivery. In under 60 minutes, the customer shall receive their ordered item.

Can we talk about the features now or we take a commercial break? Haha!

Aesthetic Design

Our design team led by Deborah Olagoke put in impeccable imagination and creativity to aptly design the user interface of the Xtellar app. They look to offer our users a relatable and easy to use interface that’s not clogged like soapy water down the drain.

The app consists of features like the popular products page, business verification badges (Blue badges that show our trusted vendors), product reviews, order status and tracking page, Wishlist, etc. and even many more features like product variants, digital payments and in-app wallet, coupons and discounts to be added in the next versions.

Zuri store interface on the Xtellar App

The Release 🎉

The Android version of the Xtellar App was released for public downloads on Google Play Store on June 2, 2022, while the iOS version was released a few days later on Apple app store. You can now download any or both of the versions to your smartphone device via links below.

Android: https://android.xtellar.app/

iOS: https://ios.xtellar.app/

Go #GetTheXtellarApp now. Don’t forget to leave us a rating and a review on your app store or connect with us on our social media platforms — Twitter and Instagram.

We love to hear your feedback!



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