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Action is an essential dimension of creation.

It is said that a seed does not sprout in sunlight but deep inside the ground, and a baby is not born on an operation table but inside a mother’s womb.

Nobody knows how it happens; it just happens. That’s the magic of creation, that’s what gives it its mystery. If you pull a tree up to see the roots, exposure to sunlight will kill it in the same way that applying logic too early and too soon kills creation.

This, however, tells only half of the story. Every day there are millions of ideas that are born in the world but never get to see the light of the day. They die in the mind of the person who thought them out.

They die like a dream that will never come true because no effort is made to make them come true. They die as a someday that will never come.

The thing is that a thought is nothing without action; an idea that is not put into practice does not even exist in the real world.

What is a seed that does not have enough will power to break through the ground and extend its branches towards the sun? What is a bird that does not take the risk to leave its nest and fly? What is a singer who does not overcome his fright of standing before an audience and express his gift?

Creation is an outburst of energy, and it is through action that this creative energy comes alive. Creation and action are one. Acting out on inspiration is what completes the act of creation.

An idea is only a seed.

A seed grows into a tree because it is already a tree at its core. What lies ahead is a journey of becoming what it is in its essence.

Nanda Pavaday.

XTM; 2019.




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