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Andy: Pay Attention

At times, you feel something is not working, but you don’t know what it is. When you are not where you want to be, nothing else will work, your body will not respond. Diets don’t work because you are not centered. We don’t pay attention to ourselves anymore.

We associate meditation to something mystical while what it only means is paying attention to your inner self.

We are not taught in school to pay attention to ourselves. We can’t focus for 5 seconds. We need to learn how to pay attention, to shut down their analytical minds. Paying attention is how you connect with the soul.

Our memory is a collection of past events, and our brain is always connecting what happened before. Our brains developed with the environment that we are. Its function is to keep us safe from what it perceives to be a change. The brain still thinks the same way it did from the times of our ancestors. It has not evolved. The soul has no limitations; it is infinite in its capability. If we learn to shut down the analytical mind and pay attention within, we create opportunities and circumstances that will come our way.

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