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Picture of Our Facebook Page; 567 Followers — 7 weeks.

Our XTM is about halfway through the Atlas Stage and running a little behind on our self-imposed schedule. We’re continuing the process of publishing content and finding recruits that can help us deal with the backlog of information that we need to package and release on multiple channels.

Over the past month, many asked what we were doing and our commercial angle. This post will shed some light on that.

When we set out on the journey to build Ducorp, we knew:

1. Human Resource (HR) was going to be extremely important in being successful. We understood that business was simply a collection of people. Best people means a world-class organization;

2. Without a track record, commercialization depends on who is listening when we communicate. Without an audience it is hard to commercialize;

3. Identifying problems that we can solve is our business. We then focus on providing solutions that people find helpful.

One could call the above, theses.

We’re proving these theses by translating them into a sustainable commercial enterprise. This path is not an academic exercise. It is a natural, practical process of survival through hustling (i.e., working) by expressing what we believe in, no matter how hard the process.

It requires courage and determination.

Today, we’re three months old. What was vague before is quickly coming into focus.

(a) Building an Academy instead of an HR Department

It was necessary first to extract our identity. We felt that being people-first was a matter of trust and that we were in the business of building trust to enjoy relationships. Being trust first didn’t feel right. Instead, we believed that our foundation was “trust built on truth and geared to add value to others.”

We understood that truth came before trust, and trust was necessary to be people first, and that came before creating meaningful relationships, and that building relationship came before sustainable business.

Our academy teaches what it means to be Truth First through coaching on the job, communicating personal progress to the world. It’s a stringent process, especially for introverts.

(b) Replacing a Marketing Division with a Media Company

Today, time is the most valuable human resource. People don’t have time to be sold unless they have prequalified you as a trusted brand. To get into the runnings, you have to show yourself and your beliefs.

Those that believe what you believe will surround you. Those that don’t will not, but that is not your audience. So, we decided to publish as much of our journey as we could and share it. We have a rule that no team member should invite people they know to like our page. All the people that support us have not been incentivized or guilted into following us.

We created XTM+ to document our journey, share our stories, our antics at work (for example, Maitre De Poonith), the accounts of those we come in contact with or those that encourage us (for example, Gratitude).

Our Ducorp XTM online presence will never sell its audience anything, will never be an advert platform or pressure anyone to buy things.

(c) Our Sales and Execution is a Venture Studio

How then do we survive? We are building a series of businesses that solve problems we’ve identified n various jurisdictions.

Our media team will share our journey in building these ventures, and people that come into contact with us. However, each of these will have their separate online channels. Go there if you are curious about the services and products, or have decided to try us out. These channels are focused on sales of products that solve real problems.

However, each of these ventures will share Ducorp’s identity of Truth First, and relentless execution to serve our customers.

About F*** Fake. A quick note to address the Truth First — F*** Fake taglines. Today we live in “street” undertones. When we thought Truth First, our immediate reaction was that F*** Fake was the right message. Some believe that it is a political statement. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is, in fact, a moral compass to happiness.

This week, we are working on completing our online presence, while work already started on the ventures we will release over the months to come.

Our Drive. To do what we do, you must know yourself so much that you love failures as much as successes. You must love what you do and be good at it so that work stops being work.

When others are sleeping, we are grinding at our craft. When competitors are enjoying a night out, we are grinding at our craft. When customers are enjoying their weekend, we are grinding at our craft.

Love, XTM

XTM; 2019.



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