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Canvassing Art Forms With Shubham

Shubham Hanuman — Media Executive and Artist

As part of a series of 9 shows for digital platforms it plans to release in 2020, XTM+ wanted to showcase creativity. Enter Shubham Hanuman.

As a child, Shubham was fascinated by why things were the way they were. For him watching a bird flying was more fascinating than watching a cartoon show. This curiosity shaped him as an artist — representing movements, shapes, and colors were all part of expressing life through a medium.

Watch Shubham in the prologue of Canvas Stories (Episode 1)

In Canvas Stories, Shubham shares his technique with us and provides an emotional and educational insight on how art can impact society positively.

“Canvas Stories is basically an art portfolio that aims to share authentic stories of artists, including myself, why we do what we do, and the methods of expressing life in an authentic manner,” says Shubham. “It is all about taking a break and finding different perspectives to add value to our daily lives.”

The series starts on March 6 and is released fortnightly on XTM+ channels.

XTM; 2020.




We share authentic creations by teams within the XTM Agency ecosystem. Our work as project managers for marketing-related tasks and remote teams exposes us to content and stories that deserve attention. Read about these real-life experiences at XTM+.

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