COVID-ART: Connected by Our Collective Humanity

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3 min readApr 8, 2020


If anyone had said to us a few months ago that the world as we know it would suddenly be irrevocably changed, then we would’ve all thought it was a sick joke.

Now we must find a new way of existing and connecting.

Almost every established system that we rely on for food, education, healthcare, and entertainment, has been adversely affected by the pandemic of Covid-19.

Many of us are now working from home, some for jobs that we were previously told it wasn’t possible to do so. Others have found themselves suddenly confined to their personal spaces with no concept of how to keep themselves viably sustained.

Through any adversity, however, there is always a beautiful ray of hope.

In all of this chaos, creatives are flourishing in their expression. For example, the amount of virus-inspired memes created and distributed via the internet daily is astonishing. Their purpose is to bring a little levity into an otherwise dire situation.

For the previously overworked who never had the time before to rest or indulge in hobbies, they can now freely do so. Never before has there been such organic renaissance of dancing, cooking, drawing, painting — you name it, it is happening.

One such example of inspiration is a recently painted artwork by artist Shubham Hanuman.

For his piece, which will be auctioned off by Shubham and XTM+ with the proceeds donated to those most affected by the adverse effects of Covid-19, he used acrylic on canvas with a variety of unexpected colors and techniques to add depth and texture, which elicit an emotional response from the viewer.

Watch Shubham as he paints this masterpiece!

Shubham usually gravitates towards a complimentary palette for his background — consisting of titanium white, flesh-tint, crimson, magenta, and black.

Using unexpected color combinations such as magenta and purple, with each brushstroke, Shubham brings our collective anxieties about how the virus is transmitted through touch, to life.

For inspiration, he immersed himself in how the world has collectively reacted to the fallout from this virus and how we’re all now finding ways to express ourselves creatively while hopefully practicing social-distancing.

While different governments around the world have issued various directives to their respective countries, one commonality is the plea for us to stay at home.

Unfortunately, some individuals have been ignoring this.

This defiance may be coming from a place of ignorance or selfishness, but regardless of the intent, the potential damage is the same.

If you are not an essential service provider and do not need to be outside, then don’t go.

You may not be showing or feeling any symptoms but could have the virus and unknowingly pass it on to an at-risk person by venturing out when you shouldn’t be.

If you need groceries, medication, or other necessary supplies, try to take full advantage of any no-contact home delivery services in your city or country if available.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and many entrepreneurs and businesses are now providing delivery services as they saw a need to be filled during this pandemic.

We at XTM+ will continue to stay connected to you and share our authentic stories.

We are in this together, and as a collective human race, we will overcome this.

Stay safe, and stay inspired.

By Nadine A. Jack.

XTM; 2020.



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