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Ducorp XTM Makes First Investment of 2020 Through Its Business Incubator

XTM HQ is a business incubator and accelerator based in Mauritius that will open its doors on 4 March 2020. It is backed by Ducorp, a family investment company based in the Middle East, and operated by XTM, Ducorp’s operational arm.

In January 2020, Ducorp invested in the first business that will go through the accelerator program: Wakanda 4.0, a consultancy firm focused on commercializing innovative products and services, and training solutions. Several other investments are expected to follow.

XTM HQ provides office space and amenities, marketing, advertising, and business development services in exchange for a stake in promising young and modern companies.

James Duchenne, CEO of Ducorp and XTM, elaborates: “When a young business with some traction seeks funding, it is predominantly for commercialization; i.e, to market and sell its products or services. With expertise in marketing-related services, we created an incubator and accelerator targeted at addressing this problem. Rather than writing an investment cheque, we analyze a business’ marketing and advertising needs over a 12-month period and shoulder that cost. This equals our investment that is exchanged for equity. Of course, we have a comprehensive vetting process for suitable businesses.”

Benito Elisa, CEO of Wakanda 4.0, speaks on how XTM has assisted this new brand from inception to launch: ‘’In November of 2019, I decided to start my own business in consultancy and training in the Blockchain, FinTech, AI field, and broader innovative products. To have a business idea is one thing, but to get started is another matter! I presented my project to XTM to assist me in developing my brand and was ecstatic to be accepted in their accelerator program. From the very first meeting, it was like a breath of fresh air. Finally, in January of 2020, W4.0 was born”.

Benito continues, “Since the start of my journey at XTM HQ, my experience has been remarkable. In addition to enjoying a very hip and modern office space, the ambience is one of collaboration with highly motivated people. W4.0 is growing quickly, and I am delighted with this progression. There is also a mutually beneficial and transparent relationship between ourselves.”

Interested in the Incubator and Accelerator program: Talk to Ducorp XTM for more information and let the magic happen!

XTM HQ, Mauritius.

XTM; 2019.

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