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3 min readJun 10, 2019


Following the release of the XTM+ mobile-first website, we dove into the redesign of our mobile-first ducorp.co website.

For a look at what our website looked like before the overhaul, see here.

We had terminologies such as “Bloodline Satellites,” “Interested Satellites,” and “Incubation Satellites.” From a legal perspective, this described how we are set up. It was hard for lay-persons to understand. With cause.

Following our identity and branding work, the redesign showcases why we are in business in a series of 5 screens. It was important for us to say what we believed in first.

These screens address our emotional side, our why. This is balanced with our practical side, which will be revealed in our XTM page next week.

We should say that the roll-out of our mobile-first website wasn’t without hiccups. When we deployed it, the site was supposed to be responsive. The desktop format didn’t perform well. We tried to revert it back to the previous website and broke that. After restoring attempts, we had to go back to the new website even though it wasn’t ready yet.

The next couple of days were spent refining that site. We didn’t judge ourselves in this process. We just acted to resolve the issues.

The responsiveness posed a further problem. We didn’t want to design two different sites, one with 500px+ wide site (desktop) and one for under that width. 90% of people that visit us are from mobile sources but we also don’t want the 10% to feel like they’ve been left out.

Instead of designing another site for desktop, we opted to do a one-pager advising our desktop visitors that the site should be viewed on mobile or with a resized browser.

However, another problem reared itself if our users resized their browser. It broke the design. We then decided to provide them the option of fully simulating the mobile design on their computer.

Our mobile-first desktop website.
Our mobile site loads within an iframe on the desktop.

As we were about to release, yet another problem. The variances on certain less popular mobile phones caused issues to our text placements. Since the design is meant as a design mural, we decided to have the words as part of the image. We then used ghosting text for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Let us know what you think of our home page.

Truth First, Ducorp.

Love, XTM

XTM; 2019.



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