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Global education is essential for economic development and peace.

Behind every successful organization is a leader who holds everything together. For The American Campus, that leader is their President and founder, Spalding Jugganaikloo. Spalding was born and raised in Mauritius before he decided to move across the world to the United States to continue his education. It was hard for him to leave his home and family behind, but he knew that an American Higher Education was a life-changing opportunity. Spalding lived and worked in the United States in IT and higher education for nearly 30 years. During this time, he completed his Bachelor’s degree, two Master’s degrees, and started his PhD. His education enabled him to have a new and better life. He was inspired to return to Mauritius and start something that would provide others the opportunity to pursue an American Higher Education. He believes that “Global education is essential for economic development and peace” and he wants to help people to learn and grow as individuals to better the world.

This vision of global economic development and peace inspired Spalding to start The American Campus. The American Campus, also known as TAC is a new university located in Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius. TAC first opened in 2015 with technology training programs for high school-aged students. Since attending the program known as “Youth and Tech”, TAC’s students have reported higher grades in their computer-related classes than their peers. They are better equipped to deal with the world of information technology because their educational experience at TAC has helped them to get ahead in the world of Technology. In April of 2019, TAC launched their first semester of full-time, degree programs. They currently have students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs in Business and Communications. The degree students are from many different countries and embrace the diversity among them. As TAC continues to grow and expand, they will add more programs. The next programs on the horizon are an undergraduate Computer Science program and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) program.

Many moving parts come with starting a university, making the process both challenging and rewarding for Spalding and his family. For years, Spalding has dedicated much of his time and resources to make his vision a reality. He is grateful to see his hard work paying off and blessing the lives of many students. Despite the challenges that came his way, Spalding was determined to make TAC successful. He says, “There were many moments of inspiration and small miracles that make this project possible.”

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