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The concept behind #hustlemania is that of education through practicality wrapped in entertainment. The show allows people to sell items to an audience in an auction style. The twist is that the auction uses Barter Units (BUNs for short), a blockhain asset and introduces the element of 5 judges to rate the salesman performance in the process.

In sales a hustle means work and being focused on generating money. A Side Hustle is defined as a way to make money outside of a 9 to 5 job. It allows people to make more money that’ll give them the freedom to pursue their passions, buy things they need or want, and lower any financial worries.


The salesman (or woman) presents an item on stage in 60 seconds (note that in later versions, they will be able to send in pre-recorded videos). The item may be new or something from their garage that they do not need but want to barter for something else. At the conclusion of the pitch, they tell the judges and audience how much they’d like for it.

The judges are responsible for ejecting a poor performance, rating a sales performance, and guessing the price they think the object could fetch in BUNs. The closest to that amount gets the win. Wins are tallied and the judge with the most wins at the end of the season is crowned Hustradamus (a play on Hustler’s Nostradamus). Judges are only allowed bidding on one item in an episode. The best sales performance is also rewarded with the Hustler.

Audience members are given a blockchain wallet and given BUNs for showing up. This is the only way to obtain BUNs, although once obtained, users may transfer it peer to peer amongst themselves.

The show is broadcast live via Facebook and is made especially for that format. Each Episode is a total of 15 minutes. Behind the scenes will also be posted. People watching at home may bid on items remotely while watching the show live, in a pick up or mail product option.

The show teaches how free market works because the price of Fiat Currency/BUNs is shown constantly based on the auction process. It rewards salespeople by putting merit and skill first and gives them attention with an audience. It tries to also tell entrepreneurs that sales is the survival skill required to make money (forget valuations, make money). It puts blockchain power in practice, not by drowning people with education they are ill prepared to receive, but rather by getting them to actually use technology to get something they want.

This trial show, which is produced by X-Team Media in collaboration with Horizon Africa, is set to air this winter (Southern Hemisphere) and plans to get on the road across Africa, Asia and the USA in 2019. X-Team media will also document the making of #hustlemania, which itself is interesting (whether it succeeds or fails).

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