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Hustlemania Participation Information. Bid remotely with reward points, get items delivered to you.

Auction In Action

Hustlemania is a rewards program with a fun twist. You earn points that you use to bid on items. When the counter reaches zero, the highest bidder gets that item. We either deliver it to you or you pick it up. All items are sponsored by participating businesses — and we thank them deeply for that.

🎥 Watch the explainer video (in Creole, for our Mauritian audience) below, or continue reading for the step by step English explainer.

Here is some relevant information on participation.

1. On your mobile go to your browser and type: hmania.fun (or click link).

2. Log in to the site by registering via Google, Facebook or with email and password. If you have already purchased online via moris.store, you must register using the same email address to get access to your points.

3. Your points are called BUN (short for Bid UNits) on Hustlemania.

4. Once in, you must register for the event (the date of the event you are registering for will be shown in the list)— simply click the “register” link.

5. Go back “Home” and wait for the event to start.

6. If you have a coupon code, go to the menu and choose the upload coupon link. Do this for each coupon code you have; your BUNs will be credited immediately to your account. Go back “Home” and wait for the event.

7. When the event goes live, the auctioned items will load up on the screen. Bid using the automatic mode for increments of 50 and 500 BUNs (you can even go all-in). Or use the manual mode to type the amounts you want to bid.

8. When the timer reaches 0, whoever has bid the highest gets the item. We will contact you to get the item to you.

9. To transfer your BUNs to someone else, press “send” on the home screen, enter the email address of the person you want to send your BUNs to, and the amount you want to transfer. The person receives the BUNs immediately.

10. The last item is a Star Item — If you win it you are crowned the winner of that Hustlemania session. You get to be in the hall of fame.

11. How do you get BUNs?

a. You get 1 BUN for every Rs1 you spend on Moris.Store (IMPORTANT: the email address you signed on to moris.store and Hustlemania must match to receive points automatically).

b. We also give out Coupon codes for doing activities online or at participating partner stores.

12. Follow XTM+ (@XTMPLUS) and Moris.Store (@moris.online.store) on Facebook to find out what other activities you can do to earn more BUNs.

Have Fun!!!

P.s. Below is our first Facebook live Hustlemania video (13.04.20):

Unedited version — Fast Forward To Skip the Previews

XTM; 2020.




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