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Shoppers Club is a new Ducorp business concept that is presently in its incubation phase. Items to enable shoppers to enjoy the benefits of bulk buying.

The procedure is as follows: an item gets presented to the members of Shoppers Club. They can show their intention to buy through the Shoppers Club app. The more people that buy the item, the cheaper the price becomes.

The concept is not to be confused with online shopping. When a shopper makes a purchase, they have to download a voucher which they will later present to the shop owner of the dedicated pickup point. The shop owner scans the coupon and takes the item from the shelf and delivers it to the shopper.

One of the benefits accruing to small shops is in the form of traffic coming to their store. Many companies are presently dying against their competition will experience a revival through the strength of their community. In return, they offer the advantage of proximity and personalized service to customers compared to large shopping malls. Customers further enjoy prices that are close to wholesale prices through the deals brokered by our administrators with manufacturers.

Shoppers Club — there is strength in numbers.

XTM; 2019.



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