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Lights, Camera,… Din Dong…

My Name is Nouroud-Din Lauloo and I’m 23 years old. I’ve recently joined Ducorp XTM as Videographer, Producer, and Illustrator. Being a Cinematographer has always been my dream since I always had a deep feeling and interest in movies, the curiosity about how they have been made, how they do dangerous things.

I believe this is where it all started. It’s been over 5 years being a successful cinematographer who completed many projects and what pushed me to be in this field, is the love of manipulating, illusions, the light designing tricks, the creativity I’ve seen in my mind about how I want it to be for the people eye and what’s happening there which is different.

Since I joined, I’ve gain new experiences and I’ve got the chance to learn new stuff and make new friends. I’ve got the chance to work in a new working environment with a really friendly boss who has a vision for the future. I’ve been able to work out my creativity alongside my colleagues who have a different vision about creativity.

I enjoy working at XTM DuCorp because I found out how teamwork is. The structure of the company is exceptional compared to where I’ve been before. I got the chance to work on different projects such as TAC, Maitre De Poonith, HustleMania, The Ranch Office, Building DuCorp, Interesting People, Product Review and so on. Working on these projects alongside James (boss), I’ve been able to see things from a different perspective. At XTM DuCorp, I’m more able to express myself through my work and play around with my skills and put forward new skills that I gained when I joined. I’m looking forward to keep working at XTM DuCorp and keep on developing new skills as well as creating my brand identity.

XTM Mirror ; 2019




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