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Migs: The making of — part 2

Michal Szymanski, CEO at Mauritius Africa Fintech Hub, believes that every CEO should follow one simple rule. If anything goes wrong with the company, it is the fault of the CEO.

Leading for him is about taking responsibility and working for the team, not for himself. While working in South Africa, he realized that technology was being adopted at a fast rate. He saw technology making lives better, to help people waste less of the precious resource which is time. We all have the same amount of time on the planet, no matter our social standing, or where we are from. We should work together and help each other because that impacts lives for the better. Everything we do should come from a place of serving humanity. Migs strongly believes in treating people equally and prides himself for knowing the name of everyone he comes across, including the sweeper and the doorman. We are human and must not lose that quality that makes us who we are.

Migs came to Mauritius when he was approached by the government who wanted to build a place where they would be able to add value. Value to others, to serve and help people, this vision resonated with him.

Migs comes across as a happy and bubbly person because that is what he sets out to be every morning, from the moment he opens his eyes. He believes that one should be happy with himself first and any good thing that happens to him in the day is just a bonus.

The money we make, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear are not that important. When we have money at the start of our life, we miss on many things; it is better to be hungry to go out and do things and fail and rise again. He loves being challenged and takes joy in the journey on a day to day basis.

Migs loves entrepreneurship because running your own business quickens the time rate with which you learn and achieve things. Excuses do not work because you have to perform, and that is a significant motivating factor to make you do things and develop self-awareness. People make a lot of wrong decisions and will be accountable for every single thing that happens to you because your stories make you a better person.

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