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My Atlas of Ducorp World

Head of XTM+

My work at Ducorp is like that a ground level staff at the airport, I have to focus on the groundwork to make sure the tarmac is ready for arriving planes to land safely, and our projects and ventures to take off on their journey.

One of my main jobs during the Atlas phase has been to give shape to our positioning around a core set of values. This took the form of a brand book that we have called the Ducorp World. It explains how the different elements fit into the grander scheme of things, built around a core that is Truth First.

The 3 pillars supporting this proposition are Living your truth, Storytelling, and Practicality. There is eventually a fourth pillar that becomes relevant to team members who have completed a certain number of years on the job, it is called Leaving a legacy.

To enable everybody to witness these values in action, and not just hear about them, I worked on four short stories that were eventually included in a book called Comma that was published on Amazon. An audio version of these stories has further been uploaded on our SoundCloud platform.

For the new members joining the company, we created an Academy pack in which is included the orientation program, a copy of the brand world, our Comma book and a plant that they will have to care about by putting our values into practice. In addition to the Academy pack, an Academy Training program has been set up and is being implemented through regular coaching sessions. All these elements have together given our academy department a solid theoretical backbone that will now be supplemented by practical experience over the coming months and years.

The media department has also found impetus during Atlas. We have designed a time schedule to guide our content production and release on a weekly basis and the team has been organized to enable video, audio and written materials to be uploaded on the core channels: Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Soundcloud.

The Atlas phase further saw our website take shape to enable visitors to get to know more about our company through additional media and “ventures” pages added to ducorp.co.

Personally, I have found the last few weeks very enriching. Among other things, I have learned how important it is for anyone to be practical and streetsmart. This quality, in fact, overrides any other talent you may have. This essential piece of knowledge acquired during Atlas will hopefully help me better navigate my way through the world.

Nanda Pavaday

XTM; 2019.




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