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3 min readJul 5, 2019


I joined Ducorp as producer and illustrator, after completing my course in graphic and digital design at Charles Telfair Institute.

Drawing has been my passion since my youngest age. I got inspired by the animation and visual effects in movies like Lord of the rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Iron Giant, as well as the different real and fantasy environment conceived by the visual artists.

At the beginning, I thought that the course I would choose would be more focused on digital and animation. While enjoying the student life, I worked hard to keep moving forward in the design industry. The competitive nature of studies made it difficult to have friends at CTI and this was a cause of frustration for me for a long time but I persevered with the support of my family and close ones. When I joined Ducorp, I thought I had left this frustration behind but when I met James, he told me that I am a good guy with great skills but that I lacked confidence in myself.

Some of the things he said made an impact on me:

“You need that confidence in yourself to succeed in this life since you already have the skill.”

“ Stop thinking about the opinion of others”

“Stop wasting time and focus on your goal”

Since that meeting, I have taken the commitment to start building trust and to continue to improve, not for others, but for myself. If we change for someone, we are wasting our time. We need to advance towards our goals without regret.


What strikes me about Ducorp company is the emphasis on “truth” and values. I can’t believe how lucky we are that we work for a company that sees things differently. I have never experienced that anywhere else. “A company that focuses on truth and believes in its employees.”

The first months have been most significant for me. It helped me to believe in my work and in myself. For the last month, working on animation and video was a great experience, since video editing is not my field of expertise. However, James encouraged me and gave me some advice on how to succeed in this area. During the first week, I struggled to understand the purpose of the company, but, after several meetings, I understood their values and their interest. Everything is based on the truth.

How to communicate “trust” is quite interesting because in other companies, they developed a concept after a month of work. My job is to record everything and use the video material collected to show this truth. This may seem like an easy task for the team but it’s a challenge since the audience needs to understand the true message of the company. There is no hierarchy in the company and that surprised me. Everyone can give their opinion and speak as friends. I only spent a month here, I progressed and did more work than I did during my 3 months internship in a design company. Working on the MDP project was so fun and stressful as we often record on the same day as the day of publication.

Giovanni Sevathian

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