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Nebula, Our True Birth

By James Duchenne

Nebula Banner by Shubham Hanuman — 12 May 2020.

Arcadia was so far the longest stage in the life of Ducorp XTM, lasting approximately five months. In that stage, we took stock of the learnings from the market, improved our processes, implemented the ability for 100% remote work, and significantly refined our offerings.

It was a challenging time, especially considering that almost half of it was spent in confinement due to the Coronavirus.

However, we powered through!

First, we reclassified all of our offerings. At the core, we are an investment company. However, we have a different way of doing things, an approach that expresses our identity and what we believe in. We think that the engine of every business is how it communicates and how its truth shines through everything it does.

This means a heavy focus on media, marketing, and advertising.

In the media space, we redesigned our focus on our media channel, in particular for Facebook, where we grew four-fold the number of followers to over 11,000.

Together with the team, we brainstormed on shows and content and launched Canvas Stories, Musos Unplugged, Hustlemania Live, a documentary, and special reports series amongst others.

On the marketing and advertising side, we introduced embedded advertising.

We refined FindRate into a way for small and medium businesses to have an online presence with crowdsourced reputation and released Satoshi’s Lounge and XTM Mirror applications.

We also introduced holographic-effect advertising, redesigned and released Hustlemania, a loyalty program with a live auction element, and designed a vehicle through XTM Mirror to leverage remote workers to provide quick marketing and advertising solutions.

We then introduced XTM HQ, a brand incubator and accelerator program around which we made two investments in Q1 of 2020. The companies we invest in are provided with an instant marketing team to help them sell.

We also restructured our entire organization with personnel in 7 different time zones, with regular weekly meetings to regroup and refocus. We have developed a work schedule that works for everyone, and a camaraderie that continuously grows and evolves.

On the messaging side, we went through a rigorous process of updating all of our websites and social channels.

Lastly, we looked after clients like MCB consulting and ADA services, which are significant and longstanding brands in Mauritius.

As we enter into the Nebula stage, it feels like we are now alive and ready to help the market with our unique offerings.

I can’t wait to develop Nebula into a stage that we are proud of and growing our company, our team, and our footprint.

Bring on Nebula!

XTM; 2020.



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