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Satoshi’s Lounge Administration

Satoshi’s Lounge project was a challenging endeavor. The most difficult aspect in the Atlas phase was to understand the ideas behind the project and the final product. It was also important to ensure that the base of the whole software solution follows the most appropriate structure and architecture to ensure that the system can be consistently tested and validated for every new iteration. Atlas was all about laying a robust and flexible foundation on which Satoshi’s Lounge can be built.


We followed a lean iterative model to the development of Satoshi’s Lounge because the project was going to evolve a lot in the next iterations. This will entail a major overhaul in the software structure. To avoid or minimize the effects, it was important to create a robust but flexible system to accommodate functional and structural changes.

Multilayered Architecture

Satoshi’s Lounge uses a multilayered architecture for robustness and responsibility separation. This ensures that the application is much more scalable, maintainable and extensible. By segregating the application into different tiers, it will also allow better separation of concern and better manageability.

The Application Front Page

Usability and UI

Satoshi’s Lounge being a mobile app had to be very user-friendly but at the same time maintaining simplicity in its user interface. Although this was not a primary requirement in the Atlas stage, it did require some groundwork for setting the proper LESS/CSS files for quick customizations in the later stages of the project.

My Journey

The Atlas phase allowed me to get to grips with the ideology behind Ducorp and XTM. While focusing on the technical side of the project, I learned about the importance of personal and corporate branding and its effect on the way projects are developed.

Suyash Sumaroo.

XTM; 2019.



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