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Nothing is impossible

Andy Godwin lives by the philosophy that nothing is impossible.
When we see a challenge, we see problems; we see obstacles; it does not mean “go back.” this is not how an animal behaves. An animal’s life is always at risk in the wild, but they learn from their experience and find ways to live with the dangers in their environment.

Similarly, Andy believes that when you encounter any situation, you need to know what are the dangers. He calls it determining the odds against you. It involves understanding the challenge first, then devising a plan to overcome it.

Andy gives a lot of credit to his parents for the man he has become. His father never told something is impossible no matter how crazy is ideas were. His dad always told him he can do anything; he just had to put his mind to it. This belief has contributed to Andy’sstrong foundation of self-belief.

Andy’s father believed that the body, the mind, and the soul represented a triangle of life. According to him, a man needs to do exercises to train his body, educate himself to train his mind, and to pursue spirituality for his soul. If you neglect one from the other, you are not balanced.

When Andy Godwin was younger, he looked up the Canadian wrestler Rocky Johnson, actor Dwayne Johnson’s father, as inspiration. He was in awe of the latter’s fantastic physique and wanted to resemble it. This belief guided him to make fitness his lifelong philosophy, training four days a week, and today, he can’t imagine my life without exercising.

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