Our Mobile-First Journey (part 1)

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3 min readMay 24, 2019


Behind the Scenes from a Graphical Perspective

After 2 months of working on our brand communication, we finally have the first draft of our mobile-first future website.

We started with a 40 page + writeup (which you can see in the Geronimo Brand Identity Book here) and distilled the essence of our message down to a few sentences. This is presented in a single page greeting our visitors.

Our overarching rational for going mobile is the way people come across our content. We’re using predominantly a digital-first contact, which means people touch our content on social platforms and follow us to our website. Since the analytics show that 97%+ reach us on these platforms via mobile, it didn’t make sense for us, at an early stage, to design and produce for anything other than mobile.

It was also important for us to take our user through a story of why we existed before drilling deeper into what we did. Thus, words and graphic needed to mesh in precise alignment to cover emotion.

Our motto is “Truth First”, and we chose straight lines and angular design to show the unbending principle that truth represents.

Our drafts below.

The 1st & 2nd Page

We debated on whether to have our company name in first or second position. To us, it didn’t make sense to say “Truth First”, then put it below Ducorp. Eventually, what mattered was that our belief appears first. So we put our tagline bigger than our company name. In a way, “Truth First by Ducorp.”

We then thought it important to explain our mark.

How We Grow and Why We Share Is An Important Part of Personal and Business Life.
Gratitude and Legacy Is Important To Us

How we act is our practical part.

We wanted something mechanical to provide a break from the emotional reaction produced by the earlier sections of the website. For this we chose the wrench and bolt.

We spent a lot of time on the “Legacy” section. It was an important page as we were trying to convey the idea that humans were evolving and that our new super powers was telepathy. Our CEO believes that the Internet is a global consciousness machine, that anyone connected can tap into, and where people’s stories are immortalized forever.

Indeed, a recent survey showed that 91% of humans live within reach of their phones. It’s like humans now have a new human organ. It could be that human beings, for the first time, are evolving in a non-biological manner. We represented that by having a man with the cell phone reception symbol coming from his head.

The action end where we send down the rabbit hole now they know why we exist.

We hope you like our page, and that it can help you in your own website design stages.

Love, XTM; 2019.



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