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Star couple wins star prize

The third episode of Hustlemania was held last week at Ducorp XTM studios with some innovations. Following the first two episodes, the organizers decided to make some adjustments to the show.

The first significant change was in terms of the game experience itself. As an attempt to make bidding more straightforward and faster, a 50+ and a 500+ button were introduced in the app. The two buttons enable bidders to enter a bid 50 and 500 BUNS higher the current bid, without having to type the amount, giving the participants the capacity to be more responsive to counter-bidding. This innovation made an immediate impact, as seen by the tight bidding fights between competitors for several products.

A third button called the all-in button was introduced. This button enables the participant to throw in the full amount of his BUNs as a forced attempt to clinch the deal and ward off potential bidders. This option, however, takes some getting used to. On two occasions during the show, candidates accidentally chose this option and found themselves giving away all their BUNs for a product not worth the amount.

The other major innovation was concerning food. This team decided to offer a catering service that aligned with the spirit of the show, which is unique, different, and distinctively Mauritian. Typical Mauritian delicacies were part of the buffet, like stuffed chilies, Mauritian chili poppers, and eggplant glazed in honey. They were, as expected, a raving success, making Hustlemania an event not to be missed.

There were many exciting items put up for bid during the competition, including a cocktail shaker, a guitar, a pony, a mini rice cooker, a pair of original crocs, a decorative vase, among others. The star prize of the show was a 43 inch flat-screen Smart TV that attracted the interest of most participants. It encouraged them to make deals among themselves to increase their bidding power.

In the end, it was JF Col and his wife Geraldine who were the big winners of the evening as they walked the star prize. They astutely decided to join forces to increase their number of BUNs and outbid all the contestants. By so doing, they proved the saying that often behind the success of a man, there is a woman.

XTM Mirror ; 2019



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