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The Beginning, Middle and End. Not in That Order.

From as early as Tino can remember, he has been listening to stories. His parents used them to put him to sleep like a baby, and when he began to talk, he started telling his own.

It didn’t take long for him to start writing his own stories, and his imagination as a young boy went wild, thinking of all the infinite possibilities available to him.

Words and their meaning were always Tino’s passion until he discovered film and how those words translated into action with people doing things physically and showing them with a simple look on their face, a lift of an eyebrow, or a delay in reaction.

Some things are difficult to describe in words, and those moments are what excited him the most.

How would you describe a look your lover gives you, the disdain of the overworked waiter at a restaurant, or the malice of a person who’s shoes you ruined very early in the morning?

For Tino, to show is better than to tell and is the basis of his creative thinking.

How best can you express a story with no words at all but just by what we see from our naturally learned behaviors and some not so?

Tino is always questioning the different ways in which he can tell a story and strives to see the story in anything no matter what it is.

Working at Ducrop has allowed him the creative freedom to think — turn the box into whatever he can imagine, and tell stories with a riveting intensity that reminds him of the stories of his youth.

XTM; 2020.




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