The Mania of the Hustle!

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2 min readJul 4, 2019


The word hustle refers to a busy scene where everyone is in a hurry, like during rush hour. To hustle means to push and shove your way, making use of your skills and gift of the gab to outsmart even the smartest and most cunning.

Hustlemania is a guerilla show being launched by XTM+, and available through Ducorp XTM’s social channels, which allows people to trade items to an audience in an auction style.

Presenters have 60 seconds on stage to sell anything they do not need, being a pair of shoes, a water dispenser or an old TV set, earn units that they can use to barter for something else during HustleMania shows.

HustleMania thus allows people to get units that they can use to trade for things they need or want at the event. Those units are called Barter Units (or BUNs), a blockchain asset and the show introduces the element of 5 hosts to either present items on behalf of others or ask questions to presenters.

The hosts are responsible to set the price point for items in the local currency, for ejecting a poor performance, enquiring further about the products, etc. They control the flow of the event. The presenter that exceeds the reserve price expectations, gets bonus BUNs at the conclusion of the event and get to come back (or give their seat to someone else) to the next event.

The show is broadcasted on Facebook and Youtube.

Depending on the show’s uptake, Ducorp XTM plans to introduce live shows where people watching at home may bid on items remotely while watching and chose either a pick-up or a mail product option.

One of the main objectives behind the show is, however, to teach people about blockchain, fintech and how the free market works in practice. As it is, the concept of blockchain and digital currencies remains much too complex for the common man to grasp.

Experience, in this case, is the best teacher.

Just like a lot of people learned how to use the computer more easily by playing computer games, we believe that it is easier for people to understand blockchain technology, to learn the basics as they see for themselves some of the benefits to be derived from it and have fun in the process.

Participants will further gather experience in sales techniques and learn through tips from our experts.

Get ready for HustleMania, a unique show, live from XTM+.

Get your hustle gloves on!

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