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The Road Less Travelled

Born and raised in Mauritius, Ishant Ayadassen is 23 years old, the founder and director of Munch Deliveries, a company in the US.

When he was 18, he studied design and technology at Royal College Curepipe. He usually woke up late and arrived in class at 11 am. He left class whenever he wanted to go and play pool with his friends. He would put in more effort to catch up with tuition but invested in his studies when he got back home and worked into the night until 3 or 4 am.

In those days, Ishant often wondered about what he wanted to do, what he was good at, and realized he was good at bringing people together. He loved influencing them positively.

This led him to become an entrepreneur, even though his father wanted him to take advantage of his British citizenship and join the British air force.

At one of his placements, he worked as project leader for the ELI AFRICA FOUNDATION, an NGO, whose goal was to raise funds for other NGOs. There, he developed an interest in fundraising and bringing people together to contribute to creating something from nothing.

After his studies, he got a scholarship to go to the USA. His life took a new turn. He met interesting people and built his network. He gained experience in life that lead him to set up a company while still in college. Looking back, there is nothing he regrets; there is nothing he would change. He believes everything happens for a reason.

Ishant thinks that it’s not about when and how you do the work, it’s finding the passion in what you are doing, do it the way you want to do it but bring in the results. He thinks that “as long as you bring in the results and are learning, that’s all that matters.”

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