This Makes Total Sense: Rushmore Business School — Accessible Learning Done Right.

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2 min readApr 8, 2020
Yuven and Benito during the taping of Benito FinTech News #7

Established in 2002, Rushmore Business School has ambitions of educating the average Mauritian student right at home but with the quality of education one usually has to relocate to the UK for.

Yuven Peechen, excitedly explains how the school is helping to reduce expenses for current and prospective students by offering internationally-recognized business courses on its local campus.

Yuven, himself a lecturer at the school since 2015, teaches Finance & Accounting, ACA and ACCA with a specialty in Financial Management and Corporate Finance.

With a brand new campus, state of the art technology and a student body of 800+ — Rushmore Business School offers a variety of Academy and Professional courses with faculties including but not limited to, Management & Law, Information Technology, Spa and Wellness, Hospitality & Tourism, and Accounting & Finance just to name a few.

They also work in conjunction with other international professional bodies and British universities such as the University of West Scotland, Leeds Beckett University and the University of Salford Manchester, to offer various certifications such as City & Guilds, ACCA, and ACA.

Some of their academic courses are awarded by the UK awarding bodies that they work with, therefore, the student is exposed to the same curriculum, assessments, and materials as they would if studying overseas but without actually having the expense of airfare and accommodation of living abroad.

Local lecturers like Yuven teach these courses right here at Rushmore Business School with the associated international school awarding the certification to the student — a win-win for everyone.

All courses are approved and accredited by the HEC — Higher Education Commission, in addition to the MQA — Mauritius Qualification Authority, and the British Accreditation Council in the United Kingdom.

Yuven also sees a particular need for Fintech education in Mauritius and along with the management of the school in collaboration with experts in the industry and various stakeholders, decided to develop and implement innovative and on-demand courses.

They passionately champion the school’s diplomas in Artificial Intelligence, Communication & Media Studies and the diploma in Financial Technology.

Yuven Peechen acknowledges that the landscape of the financial sector is drastically changing not just in Mauritius but internationally as well, from the traditional sources of physical assets such as cash to a more digital system such as blockchain and cryptocurrency alternatives.

As traditional financial knowledge becomes more obsolete at a fast pace, he believes that it needs to be supported very quickly with information technology.

Therefore, Rushmore Business School intends to equip school-leavers and professionals with this knowledge so that they’re prepared for the inevitable financial changes in the future.

By Nadine A. Jack.

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