Mauritian Horsemanship, The Untold Story of Ravi Rawa

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2 min readMar 19, 2020

In Mauritius, the average person may be familiar with the weekly horse racing events culminating every Saturday and the traditional betting that goes along with it.

What we have uncovered, though, is the incredible story of triumph over adversity for Horsetrainer extraordinaire, Ravi Rawa.

Ravi Rawa, the owner of the training center, La Ferme Chaumiere, Bambous, has become synonymous with winning. He undeniably has that magic touch when it comes to training both horses and aspiring jockeys.

But its more than just magic that produces these spectacular wins. Initially born into an underprivileged background, throughout his young life, Ravi had to overcome obstacles ranging from lack of formal education to racism.

Due to the frequency of wins throughout his career, occasionally, he has been accused of everything from doping horses to fixing races — all of which he vehemently denies.

According to him, his wins are attributed to his passion and love for what he does, dedication, and hard work.

When Ravi first began on this journey, he had to teach himself and rely on his instincts, gaining more real-world experience as time passed. He believes that he can feel the connection between himself and the horses, and his body language when interacting with them in addition to their comfort, seems to support this theory.

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Early on, Ravi approached Mr. Benoit Goelle to help him start his jockey career, and Mr. Goelle, in turn, proved to be instrumental in his career by becoming his ‘guru’ of sorts.

At the age of twenty-five, Ravi was determined to become a jockey, and this is when he met Troy Jackman, a familiar figure in Mauritian horseracing. At the time, Troy was based in Perth, Australia, and Ravi moved there to train and improve his skills.

Ravi recalls that “at one point, I did not meet the weight requirements to be a jockey, but through determination and discipline, I got there .” This will to succeed shaped his career all the way to now being the assistant trainer at Shirish Narang stables.

To say that Ravi is passionate about what he does is an understatement. But more remarkable, his passion inspires others to be better.

By Nadine A. Jack.

XTM; 2020.



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