The XTK Launch Challenge — Up to $50,000 in Prizes

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3 min readMar 1, 2021

xToken is excited to share some more details on the XTK Launch Challenge, which we previewed last week. There has been a lot going on in the xToken community. XTK, xToken’s native token, hit mainnet. We also kicked off the XTK Community Vesting program, which will ultimately distribute a meaningful share of the network to the xToken community.

The challenge is designed to drive awareness of xToken products, onboard more members into the xToken community, and educate potential xToken users.


  • Let’s build 🛠 Dune Analytics dashboards, memes, videos, subgraphs — we want to see it all
  • The Prize💰 Up to $50,000 in XTK to the top submissions
  • Join the Challenge follow xToken on Twitter and tweet submissions with the #XTKLaunchChallenge hashtag

XTK Launch Challenge Details

The XTK Launch Challenge is a competition focused on growing the XTK ecosystem. The challenge will start on March 1st and run for two weeks. There will be two tracks for the xToken Launch Challenge — Creative Competition and Dev Bounties.

Creative Competition

Creators are encouraged to create content about xToken, and are rewarded prizes for creating the best content. Submissions can include videos, art, graphic design, infographics, articles, music, thoughtful tweets, memes, and more.


  • Mascot origin story — naming the xToken mascot and creating its origin story in two tweets or less (your submission tweet(s) must include at least one picture of our mascot…options: 1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • Videos — educational videos about the benefits of xAssets and how to use them
  • Merchandise — xToken has no merch. xToken needs merch. Design us something interesting that we can send to the production line. Hint: DeFi already has enough socks. Try something else!
  • Written guides — explainers on the xToken vision, how each xAsset works, onboarding guides, etc.
  • Free form content — master meme creator? Want to write a song about why you love xToken? A short story? This is for you


The winner of each of the five categories will receive 10,000 XTK. Additionally, we’ll be naming five wild card winners each to receive 2,000 XTK. If there are more than ten high quality submissions, we may just add more to the prize pool!


  • You must follow @xtokenmarket
  • Tweet out your submission and add #XTKLaunchChallenge so that the community can view your submission. We can’t consider submissions that don’t have this hashtag


  • Be respectful. We want xToken to be a community where anyone can feel comfortable.
  • You may submit multiple submissions.

Dev Bounties

Prefer writing SQL to creating memes? The Bounty category is for you — there’s plenty of technical work to do that will serve the xToken community!


  • Dune Analytics dashboards for xToken products
  • Staking returns dashboard: show expected staking returns in a unified UI for underlying protocols Synthetix, Kyber, Aave and 1Inch
  • Subgraphs for each xToken contract: xSNXa, xKNCa/b, xAAVEa/b, xINCHa/b
  • Some other technical idea? Propose it in the #launch-challenge channel of the Discord

Reach out to us in the Discord if you need more clarity or guidance on some element of your project.


  • 10,000 XTK to the best and most comprehensive Dune dashboard at the end of the challenge period
  • 10,000 XTK to the best staking returns dashboard at the end of the challenge period
  • 10,000 XTK to the most accurate/comprehensive subgraphs (we can partially award this bounty for partial submissions)
  • Three wild card winners of 5,000 XTK

We are very open to adding more to this prize pool for developers with ace ideas. Pitch us in the Discord!


Tweet it out! And then post the link in the #launch-challenge channel with a short explainer of what you built.

Let’s Get to Work

We’re excited to kick off the XTK Launch Challenge. Join the #launch-challenge channel in the Discord to meet other challenge participants and ask any questions.



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