In this edition of the xLetter, we announce xToken 2.0, xToken goes L2, CitaDAO brings real estate on-chain with xToken’s help, and we discuss the future of governance.

xToken 1.0 → xToken 2.0?!

Since we launched in summer 2020, we’ve been offering set-and-forget native staking strategies to our community. …

Since we launched xKNC in July 2020, thousands of DeFi users have interacted with xToken products and many thousands more have participated in the xToken community. We’ve processed $300 million in primary volume through our native staking and liquidity strategies, while providing real utility and income to investors.

Building in…

As part of our launch on Arbitrum, xToken community members will have minting permissions on the GM/GA/GN/WAGMI NFT set. A total of about 75,000 whitelisted addresses — from the xToken community and a variety of other DeFi and NFT communities — are eligible to participate.

1 of the 500 WAGMI pieces. While GM/GA/GN pieces can be minted, WAGMI pieces can only be earned

Whitelisted addresses (Nov 22 snapshot):


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