Patriotism is Bullsh*t, & Here’s Why

In today’s social climate, patriotism, or the pride in being American often comes up when those who feel like they are oppressed express their opinions concerning the injustices many face in the United States. Just last fall, Colin Kaepernick used his freedom of speech rights to silently protest by kneeling during the National Anthem prior to every football game. When explaining to others why I agreed with his stance and felt as if others should join the protest, I rarely received a response that made any sense. The most common rebuttal offered were those that suggested that Colin, myself, and others who felt as if Blacks were being systematically oppressed should leave the country if we didn’t like it here.

Patriotism is a word that has been thrown around quite a bit since Donald Trump began his campaign. He and his supporters claim that they wish to “Make America Great” by supposedly putting America first in all facets. Unless you’ve been under a rock the last few months, you’d obviously be aware of the potential biggest fight of all time, in which undefeated boxer, Floyd Mayweather, will face Conor McGregor, who is a mixed martial arts fighter. While watching the press conferences for the fight, I noticed something.

First and foremost, I will go on the record saying that I think all involved in the event are definitely using today’s concerns of racism and decisiveness as a marketing tool for this fight. McGregor asking Mayweather to “Dance for me Boy” may have likely been planned and staged to get emotions flowing. I’m not even a fan of Mayweather and his flamboyant personality, but the press conferences multiplied by this potentially being his last fight of a perfect career has me hoping McGregor leaves in a stretcher. But back to my point…

If Americans are so patriotic, why in the hell are so many of them rooting for Conor? I mean…you can literally tell this guy is Irish before he even opens his mouth. Floyd Mayweather not only represented the US in the olypics in 1996 and erned a medal, he has been boxing in America before Conor McGregor was even old enough to fight professionally.

The truth is that mainstream America uses patriotism when it’s fitting. Not only is Floyd arrogant, sometimes to a fault, but he’s also an undefeated boxing champion who is BLACK. Nothing would make his haters more happy than seeing a white guy knock Money Mayweather on his ass and disrupt his perfect record on what will probably be the last fight of his life.

The hate Trumps patriotism.

Here’s to the Champ.