A Letter From Our CEO: Presale & Product Roadmap Update

Dear XTRD Community,

My name is Alexander Kravets and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of XTRD (formerly xtrade.io).

The past few months have been extremely busy, and we have accomplished major milestones. I wanted to take a moment to make an announcement and bring you key updates.

The first update is that we are proud to say that we have raised half of our $45 million hard cap. We have made tremendous headway towards our goal.

Our second update is that XTRD is moving the end date of the ICO Presale to March 31st, 2018.

Our team has thought long and hard about this, and we feel strongly that this is the right choice for the following reasons: (1) we have rebranded away from a company with a similar title we needed to disassociate from, (2) we have been focused on getting institutional clients, and (3) emphasis on technical expansion.

Our New Brand Identity
The rebrand was necessary because unfortunately XTRADE.io was too often confused with XTRADE.com. I cannot emphasize enough that we have never been, nor ever will be, associated with xtrade.com. Our previous name was causing market confusion. XTRD is the name of our token, and now also the name of our company. In the few days since the rebranding announcement, the sentiment in the community has already shifted, and we look forward to an increase in participation because of it.

Focus on Institutional Clients
Our sales team have spent the majority of our time on-boarding larger institutional clients. In the last six weeks we have been working with major clients who intend to use XTRD products. We have signed on clients such as ZagTrader, Diverse Blockchain Partners, and AxionV Fund.

Technical Expansion
We have been really honing in on technical developments to expand our offerings. As a team we realized that we needed to focus more on what made XTRD so exciting to begin with — the technology. Our technology team has placed all of their efforts in expediting the product roadmap. Our two biggest priorities are on-boarding exchanges (with a goal of 1 per week) and releasing updates for our products. We recently introduced XTRD Dark, our institutional and centralized Dark Pool as the fourth product for XTRD. Our Dark Pool product is set to release in Q2 of 2018. We will be announcing major exchange joint ventures soon.

Thank you for your understanding. To reiterate, we are focused on unifying the cryptocurrency exchanges and crowdsourcing liquidity through our four products. Every step we are taking is designed to help us complete our mission. It will be great to have you by our side!

Feel free to contact our team on our Telegram channel to discuss any of these changes.

Alexander Kravets