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Introducing MyGround

MyGround is our upcoming online board game allowing 2–4 players to compete against each other online. Users will roll two dice while venturing around the map. MyGround will be the first of its kind built on blockchain technology, and the first game in our “MyPick” ecosystem.

What is MyGround?

MyGround is a decentralized board game built on the Solana network. Users will be able to use their custom ‘MyPick’ avatars within the game, and each avatar will have special abilities to help players get ahead. Users will be able to choose between avatars, allowing them to select the avatar that best represents their playstyle.

While playing MyGround, players will be able to obtain avatars, create in-game buildings, and obtain in-game currency during the game.

Depending on the game mode, users will be able to join matches with their in-game currency balance. Each users’ avatar will move around the MyGround map in real-time.

Up to 4 players will partake in each match, and players will be able to construct buildings on the map. Real estate fundamentals will be incorporated into the game, and players’ individual decisions will affect the overall outcome of the game.

Random events are set to take place during the match. For example, players will be given opportunities to escape from financial peril, while also focusing on ‘stealing’ other players in-game cash. When all other players are bankrupt, only the winner will remain!

Through MyGround, players will be able to compete with other users worldwide, while using their in-game avatars, in our exciting blockchain-based economic game. Your fate will rest on the dice.


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