The Elixxir BetaNet Node Application

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Feb 19, 2019 · 3 min read

Step 2 of the Node Selection Process for the Elixxir BetaNet starts today!

The BetaNet Node Application opens today and will close on Friday, April 19th at 11:59pm PDT . Please fill it out — it takes about 20 minutes.

This process was designed to be transparent and accountable at every stage, as the community will be driving the launch of the Elixxir Platform and ultimately running it. To this end, last Friday the results of the BetaNet Node Questionnaire were posted, stripped of any identifying information, as well as the raw anonymized data. These results were used to create the Node Application that is being released today.

A few common questions and concerns were clear from the Questionnaire results and are reflected in the Application:

Background: Across multiple categories, the Elixxir community has clearly stated an interest in the background of potential BetaNet node operators including:

  • General experience in blockchain (not necessarily experience specific to running nodes for other platforms)
  • Experience with the software development
  • Operational security experience

Product & Industry Knowledge: Community members stated a preference for BetaNet node operators to have a clear understanding of the blockchain industry, as well as Elixxir’s value proposition and technology.

Operator Setup Details: The organizational/legal structure of node applicants was considered valuable for BetaNet node selection. Specifically, the following information:

  • As a node, would you operate your node as a single individual or a group?
  • Would you run a node on your own hardware, or operate via cloud deployment?
  • What would be the physical location of the BetaNet node (home, university, datacenter, or cloud)?
  • What would be the bandwidth of your personal network and corresponding uptime?

Community Engagement: A theme across responses was that BetaNet node operators should be experienced members of the blockchain community, and should serve as active evangelists across general crypto and node communities. Some examples are:

  • Are you willing to create content detailing Elixxir BetaNet node onboarding, performance, and more?
  • Are you willing to engage with future Elixxir node community members, attend meetups, and help provide feedback to core team?

In addition, there are three additional considerations that will be important to Node Selection.

First, in order to maintain the global distribution of the Elixxir network, “geographical bins” will be used from which nodes will be selected. Each bin will be centered around internet hubs. When teams are generated, they select a single node from each bin, ensuring nodes are located in every continent.

Second, to maintain fairness in selection and ensure as many diverse & distributed BetaNet operators are selected as possible, only one application per household will be accepted.

Third, no individual members of the Elixxir core team will submit applications to operate BetaNet nodes. The core team will maintain 4 in-office for system maintenance & monitoring, but outside of that small grouping all available BetaNet node slots will be operated by members of the community at large.

It is exciting to be moving forward with step 2 of the BetaNet node selection process, and the interest the community has shown so far is appreciated! A reminder will be posted as the end of step 2 draws near on Friday, April 19th. As always, if you have any questions you can reach the team directly across both Telegram and Discord:


The Elixxir Team

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