Does XY Findables go to CES?

XY-The Findables Company has participated in the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, since 2015. (Note: Article is from 2017) CES is an annual gathering of consumer technology businesses from around the world. For fifty years, CES has displayed the latest electronic innovations and brought together the industry’s leaders from local start-ups to global corporations. This year we displayed our two newest products, XY3 and XY-GPS.

Six of our team members, as well as our CEO, traveled to Las Vegas to represent XY Findables. For four days from 9 am to 6 pm our team demonstrated the XY3 Bluetooth Finder and the XY Find It mobile app. They answered questions about upcoming products and did some technical troubleshooting for those who needed it. They also took time to mingle with representatives from other companies to learn about new developments in consumer electronic technology.

Additionally, the first working consumer models of the XY-GPS were delivered to our booth on day one of the convention. Visitors expressed interest in the potential commercial and personal uses of the XY-GPS. Ideas included using XY-GPS to track high-value shipments sent by dedicated courier or keeping tabs on equipment used by international reporters in the field. The possibilities are thrilling!

With visits from some of our original Kickstarter supporters, international distributors, fellow entrepreneurs, and those who had never heard of us before, CES was a whirlwind of excitement and opportunity.