How does the XY GPS work?

The XY GPS, which premiered on June 2nd, is XY Findables latest and most technologically advanced item Finder. It combines Bluetooth LE, cellular, and GPS technologies so users can track their items in real time and across great distances. In this article, we’ll take a look at exactly how this works.

First, the XY GPS is a fully functioning GPS unit. The XY GPS receives data from satellites that orbit the earth. When three or more satellites connect with the XY GPS, the unit can determine its location. Of course, this information needs to be communicated to the user. This is where cellular technology comes in.

The XY GPS sends its location data to a user’s smartphone using the GSM, or Global System for Mobile communication, network. GSM is a mobile system that is widely used across the US, Europe and other parts of the world. Generally speaking, as long as a user has cellular coverage, he or she can open up the XY Find It mobile app and view the location of the XY GPS and the item it is attached to. In essence then, the satellites talk to the XY GPS and the XY GPS uses the cell network to talk to a user’s phone. So where does Bluetooth fit in all this?

The XY GPS also transmits and receives Bluetooth LE signals with a user’s smartphone. This means that when the XY GPS is within Bluetooth range (approximately 200 feet) it connects with the user’s phone and uses the phone’s GPS location as its own. This helps conserve the XY GPS’s battery so it doesn’t have to be recharged as frequently. As soon as the XY GPS exits Bluetooth range it switches back to transmitting its location via the GSM cell network.

Users can determine how often they want their XY GPS to update its location in the XY Find It app. The more frequently the XY GPS reports its location to the app, the more power it will use. Less frequent reporting means less power used and less recharging. Users can select from the modes Save, Standard, and Accuracy, which report every 30, 15 and 5 minutes respectively. This way users can customize their settings based on their personal needs.

The combined power of GPS, Bluetooth and cellular technologies makes the XY GPS our most versatile and cutting-edge product yet.