Is there an app for Geomining?

Yes! We’re working on creating the XYO Network App, which will allow users to Geomine straight from their phones!

Right now, the app is in Beta, and available for Android devices. You can get it on the Play Store.

When will the iOS app be available?

We’re hoping to have an iOS version by Q1 2019. iOS tends to be a little slower because Apple places a lot more restrictions on the development of iOS apps!

Why do iOS apps normally take longer to be updated and created?

While Android is very developer-friendly, iOS and Apple tend to be more protective of their users’ interactions with apps. This means that it’s often harder to have apps run in the background, override user settings, etc. (even if the users want this app to do those things!) With regards to the XYO Network app, we want users to be able to use the app and have it run in the background, so they can seamless geomine. This becomes tough when iOS finds ways to prevent developers from having apps run in the background, so consequently, it takes us a little longer to develop and release the iOS versions of our favorite apps and XYO Network tools!

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