Where can I geomine?

Will my Geomining Kit work in Texas? In Madagascar? In my car?

We get this question a lot, so we thought we’d make an article to help out!

XYO Geomining kits come with XYO Sentinels, which use Bluetooth Low Energy. This means that the devices can work anywhere in the world. The XYO Bridge just needs a connection to WiFi or internet, so as long as you have access to that, your XYO Bridge will work too!

Normally, users will place the XYO Bridge at home with their connection to internet, and then keep their Sentinels with them as they travel and go about their day. Users who want to have even more verified location can double up with the free XYO Bridge app (currently available on Android only). Then when they have their Sentinels with them, the Bluetooth can connect to the mobile device that is running the Bridge app! Once you return home, you can save those locations to the XYO Network with your Bridge.

The Bridge app also means that you can save your Sentinels’ locations while you’re on the go, so you can also simply Geomine with the XYO Sentinels and the XYO App!

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