XYO Network Use Case: Airports + Airlines

After making it off your late arriving flight, you’re running to your next flight, which seems like MILES across the airport. You drag your carry-on luggage through hordes of holiday travelers. Yanking out your phone only to discover it’s died on the travel to your next gate, you nearly fall over trying to scan your printed boarding pass, and barely make it to your squishy middle-seat.

Once you arrive at your destination, you wait for your luggage. Ten minutes. Thirty. An hour. A new group of travelers arrives and your luggage still hasn’t magically appeared from the conveyor belt. You go to the customer support room, and you find out your luggage is 3,000. Miles. Away.

Imagine: XYO Network Luggage Tracking

A SITA report stated that airlines spent $2.1 Billion USD locating, recovering, and returning lost luggages in 2016. Imagine never having to lose a luggage again. No more angry “discussions” with the airlines, no more frightening sprints to your next flight, only to find out your luggage didn’t make it to the destination. Imagine airlines saving billions of dollars a year because the XYO Network was implemented into our luggages, and you get to earn XYO Tokens every time you traveled.

The XYO Network holds the potential to make a universal, decentralized, and immutable solution for this multi-billion-dollar problem.

Universal: XYO Network can be used across a variety of devices, systems, and and tools. As long as the object has our SDK (Software Development Kit), the item can function in the XYO Network. This means that any airline or airport would be able to help you locate your luggage — when everyone’s using the same tools and system, locating a luggage will be a breeze.

Decentralized: One of the biggest perks of the XYO Network is the fact the network is decentralized and many different devices function together to create and store the information. Although each XYO Sentinel has its own heuristic ledger, they all communicate together to validate that ledgers contain the correct and verified data.

Immutable: Blockchain allows the creation of ledgers that are immutable, or “unchangeable”. Immutability is incredibly important when creating authentic, audit-able trails of location data. Being able to change data means changing who is responsible when the item was lost, who could have had the item last, and ultimately turning truth into false data. Proof of Origin, a concept introduced by the XYO Network, will allow items to have immutable location-based heuristic ledgers, and ultimately save airlines money when they have to locate a missing bag.

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