Creator FAQ’s

Why join as a creator?
XYLOspace allows creators, models and social media influencers to upload and share premium content with their fans for a monthly subscription, think premium YouTube channels. It’s a great way for creators to share exclusive videos with their closest fans and earn an income from it. 

What type of creators can join XYLOspace?
​We are open to all types of creators and influencers from food, fitness, beauty, gaming, bloggers and NSFW. We have ensured all our payment and tech partners are aware of the diverse range of content. If you have any questions regarding the suitability of your content, please message us via our support chat and we will be happy to clarify any questions. 

What are the key features?
​ Here are our current features and features we are looking to implement in the near future.

Live: High speed video upload and streaming/protected content/ multi-currency subscriptions/ free trailer video/ content scheduling/ thumbnail selection/ daily support/ payouts in local currencies/ real-time stats/

Coming soon: Tips with DM’s/ live streaming/ video editor/ design updates/ creator app.

How long will it take for my profile to pass approval?
We do this pretty quickly but no longer than 48 hours. Please ensure your profile contains the following:

A profile picture, a header picture, a minimum of 3 videos fans can subscribe to and you have selected a subscription tier. Once you have uploaded your third video, your profile will automatically be sent for approval. If your profile does not contain above your profile will not be approved.

Why has my request to become a creator been rejected?
Whilst the platform is invite only we are only partnering with creators who we think would most benefit from the platform. This is commonly to do with size of fan base/audience and type of content they will upload. It is not personal and we plan to open the platform up to all types of creators very soon.

Why do you need my social media details?
If you integrate your profile with your Twitter account, we can automatically post a tweet to your Twitter wall on your behalf to let fans know that a new video has gone live. This is a bonus feature and can be switched off, but is great for bringing on new fans and subscribers.

Who can view my content?
Only paying subscribers can view content that is uploaded to your profile. -

Which type of ID do you accept?
We accept any legal form of documentation that clearly displays your legal name, place of residence, age and photo. 

  • Passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • State or Government ID

If you have a form of ID you believe to be acceptable but are unsure, please feel free to message us using our support channels. 

Am I allowed to use music in my video content?
Absolutely. Please ensure you have full rights to use the music before you do. If you are using any unlicensed music or if you are required to credit the copyright holder, please use the video description if it is required. Music playing in the background is also considered “part of the video” so please be aware of this and check with the artists/distributor before you use it.

Is there any type of content you do not allow?
We are very open to all types of content and genres however we do not tolerate any creators uploading content than includes violence, illegal or non consensual acts. Please see our t&c for more information on this.

What is the benefit of posting a free video?
We allow all creators to post one free video that is under 3 minutes long. This is a great way to provide a teaser or trailer that gives fans a taste of the type of content they can subscribe to. This is an optional feature

Can fans message me via my profile?
We do not currently have a direct messaging feature however this is something we are working on

Is my content protected?
Piracy and copyright is something we take very seriously. We have built XYLOspace to be as secure as we can possibly make it. No website can guarantee 100% file protection however we understand how important it is and have used the best technology to stop people being able to download or steal your content. If you find your content is being pirated please let us know ASAP.

Why does it take long to upload content to my profile?
This depends on the length of the video you are uploading and your internet upload speed. We suggest you are connected to a wifi network when uploading long videos to avoid using a lot of your mobile data. 

Do you plan to launch an app?
​A mobile app is something we would love to provide and we do have plans in our product road map to launch an app for creators. This will allow creators to upload and edit content however this will not be available to fans to view content. iOS and Android have strict guidelines on the types of apps they allow in the app store. Due to the nature of some content available on XYLOspace we are not easily allowed to use the app stores to provide an app. It has become a choice between content and having an app and we have chosen not to exclude certain genre’s of content from our platform. We will always look at ways to make our service more mobile friendly and when there is an opportunity to provide an app we will definitely invest in it.

If you have any further questions, shoot us a message and we can chat further ✌️